Mr. Wheeler's Introduction

Mr. Wheeler's Introduction

Josh Wheeler is excited to fight for the people!

First let me start off by saying, I am highly appreciative for the opportunity to run for U.S. Senate in The Equality State, as well as giving me the chance to do what public servants are supposed to do, serve the people by the people! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Joshua Wheeler; I am a Wyoming Army National Guard Veteran who has served in Iraq and has been and will continue working with the veteran's affairs (V.A.) for the last 13 years. What I will fight for is the second amendment, along with protecting our citizens with appropriate law enforcement. I believe in medical marijuana, taking care of our Veterans and showing them why they are appreciated. I have found some difficulties in the system we use that takes care of our veterans; furthermore, would like the opportunity to repair the flaws in which disservices my fellow soldiers. Many promises have been made by previous and current elected officials, with promises unkept. We also need to work together to keep our public lands in public hands.

There are many programs I support, any programs that will help make our veterans and citizens stronger in mind, health and prosperity as a whole. I believe we should let the people make that change now! As I go door to door to round up what is most important to you as our voice of the people. I look forward to representing the Wyoming voter.

Please feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to serving our great state. Together to better our state, I vow to fight for the people and I have no intentions of becoming a career politician. We are here to fix this together. I am, and forever will be invested in the people of Wyoming and the United States of America!