Letter to My Constituents


My name is Josh Wheeler, and I am running for U.S. Senate. I wanted to inform you, the voter, on why I am the candidate that you can trust and vote for.

I am a combat veteran that still, to this day, stands by his oath to protect the Constitution of the United States, and our country against all enemy's foreign and domestic. I am someone who has always looked out for my fellow soldiers while I was in the Army and now that I am back as part of the civilian world, I find myself fighting for my fellow veterans, and my fellow Americans as well.

I believe that I am the only person running in this campaign who truly understands what it means to sacrifice for the greater good. I am a disabled veteran, and I have an unwavering passion to protect the people of Wyoming, and of America as a whole; continuously fighting for all people. My fellow Wyomingites, and fellow Americans certainly deserve no less.

In 2009, my military career was mostly over due to a back injury. I was devastated. I quickly began trying to get my VA benefits in order, and that process was in comparison to a sick joke. Originally, I went in for my first and second back surgeries under Tri-Care, services were good, and the surgeries were quickly done.

However, when I entered the VA system the services provided were very poor. I was sent to Denver on five separate occasions. All five trips met with only more VA issues such as, they lacked the equipment to perform the surgery, they had no operating rooms available, they had nothing set up and ready to go, and a cancellation. On top of being sent back and forth over and over again this was placing me in a very difficult financial situation; I was sinking fast financially, and I just had to get these issues resolved, so I was told that the best way of rectifying these problems was to contact my state's elected officials starting with my US Representative who was Cynthia Lummis at the time; only to find that her office in Casper was always closed. My efforts in trying to appeal for help with my elected officials were met with silence. Let that sink in.

It was November of 2009 when I began going to the VA to try to get my injury finally fixed. It was not until December 23, 2010 that the VA was then forced to move my surgery to an outpatient service in Denver. In this time, I lost my home and everything I owned. In all honesty, I had hit rock bottom; financially speaking.

I had to know, what could I do to help fix this awful system that so many veterans rely on; myself included? I only kept being told; talk to your U.S. Representative.

At this time, I started thinking about running for office, but a part of me still believed that if I just kept hounding our U.S. Representation that they would finally answer my plea for help and get this issue fixed. This continued to not work, and here we are ten years later from my ordeal, and I am constantly being contacted by fellow veterans going through this same thing. Our Elected Officials have failed our veterans, and our veteran's families who also suffer right alongside their veteran loved ones. Please; help me fix this.

Issues concerning our nation's veterans is something that I am, and always will be very passionate about, but I am also equally passionate concerning the issues that face my fellow Wyomingites, and fellow Americans across our beautiful land. I am a citizen, not a politician, Wyoming.

Wyoming values come first and foremost, and I will never compromise Wyoming values for the sake of political party.

You can rest assured that I do have the drive and the determination to faithfully represent the people of Wyoming. I can be outspoken because if I see something that infringes upon Wyoming values, then I am going to damn sure say something about it. Physically I am unable to continue my service to this great nation in uniform, and on the battlefield, but I can continue to fight for Wyoming, and the American people within the United States Senate if you could find it in your heart to allow me the chance to do so.

You never truly do take the uniform off... loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage are set deeply within my heart; values that seem to be almost non-existent in Washington DC in this present day and age. For the sake of our state, our nation, and for our Constitution which is endlessly under assault, or is continuously being circumvented to appease whatever social whims come way of our current elected officials across the nation.

I will end with this...these days, you may be delighted to know that I have managed to pull myself back up, and out of that dreadful situation that I had previously been in. I am a homeowner, I am married to the love of my life, we have one child, and we are expecting our second child in September of 2020. Help me, help you, my children, and yours, inherit a nation in which we can all say that we left better than what we were passed down. No doubt; this is possible to do, but it begins with you, your vote, and the will to take your country back. We must place our nation back into the hands of its rightful masters; the American people.


Joshua Wheeler