My Strong Stance

My Fellow Wyomingites,

I have been asked to elaborate on quite a few issues and my history and abilities. I would like to start by saying I am not a career politician, as most of you know. I think we have had too many politicians take the oath of office and forget who they work for. I live by my oath of service and I will live by my oath of office if elected. In February of 2005 I took an oath that I still stand by today. And I swore:

I, Joshua B. Wheeler , do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wyoming against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of Wyoming and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God.

I will always stand by the Constitution, any anti-gun law in effect or being written today is unconstitutional and I will put forth legislation to abolish all unconstitutional laws. I feel gun free zones are victim filled zones, and they should be abolished as well. Our mass shooting problem is a mental health problem, not a gun problem. Any R.F.L. is a breach of the 2nd and 5th amendment of the U.S. Constitution and a breach of Article 1 section 6 and section 24 of the Wyoming Constitution. They should not be considered or put up for debate, they should be spiked as soon as they are announced.

For the future, when new laws and bills are introduced or put forth into legislation, the following must happen, they must be legible to the level of public newspapers. One-page double spaced one side of the page nothing more. Maximum of a grade level 12 graduate should be able

to read with ease. No more of these 500-page bills and laws that can hide special interest in them. It will be a simple bill, one subject per bill no more stacking bills. NO MORE RIDERS!

As for our Veterans Affairs (VA) system there is so much that should be fixed in this system. First part is the bureaucracy that forces veterans to fight so hard for their benefits. There are veterans that all their service connection information is in their military medical records, yet they turn in their claim thinking the government has access to those and get denied. The job of the VA should be to fight for the veterans, and not force them to fight another battle when they get home. For this reason, benefits with medical or travel assistance, things need repair immediately. I have heard it from many civilians, that we need to support our veterans, I couldn't agree more. If the government allows diplomacy to fail and decides to use the might of the U.S. Military, then we need to take care of the injuries of those men and women when they come home, and the families of those who do not come home.

Lastly on the military, if we are forced to use it. I don't think that politics or the public need to get involved. War is a horrific ordeal; it is not for the public eyes and definitely not for political maneuver. If we let diplomacy fail, we need to use our military as it was intended. A military is used to destroy our enemies. We fight until surrender or the threat is no more. If we want to do the humane thing and rebuild their country, once it is safe for civilians then that project can start in the best interest of Humanity, if we have the money. This can be organized by politicians and other appropriate groups. Our military is trained to kill, it is what it is, we don't hand out teddy bears and hug trees. however additional training with other skills are also very much instilled in our troops. The main job for the combat forces, is to get in, kill the threat, and get out. This is noticeable as seen recently with Soleimani and Baghdadi. Our military was utilized quickly and completed. This is how it is best done. NO MORE FOREVER WARS!

I have been asked about public land, access to it, and who should have control over this land. First of all, I would like to coincide a way, by sitting down with landowners, and coming to a reasonable plan to unblock public lands, if land locked. Whether a yard for yard trade, or a private road. These roads should be set up as landowner controlled if their land is not traded. This would be a solution for hunting season, as well as eliminate unwanted trash or damage to properties alike. I have worked a ranch and remember the job of fixing fencing that wildlife would damage. I believe there is a compromise; it will take time and effort on both sides. I do not have all the answers, but will work to help allow the people of Wyoming access to the public land, and I will not accept the landowners to be punished for that access either. On the side of who should control the land, the State should. The federal government should not own land. Let's ensure we keep public lands in the public hands!

The subject of abortion is not only an emotional one, but it is very complex. My wife and I have one child and pregnant with our second. Weekly she comes up to me and says our baby is the size of a pea, or our child is the size of an apple, and so forth. She did the same with our son, every day telling me of new developments of our child. The thrill I felt when I was going to become a father for the first time was insurmountable. Knowing when we conceived and that 38 days later, we had an ultrasound and there was a little peanut, with a heartbeat, we could see and hear. This changed our world. All this being said I am pro-life, I believe life should be protected for the born and unborn. If medical complications are suspected with childbirth, I think we should offer those women the ability to have a Tubal ligation regardless of age. If they know they do not want kids, or it would become life threatening, I believe we should not stop them from protecting themselves from having to make the emotional decision of abortion. I wish there were less abortions with the idea of up to birth, and after birth abortions, boils my blood. I understand that women have the right to their bodies but at some point, it is not their body. Biologically speaking the beginning of life is conception.

I have been asked if I would support a bill for the legalization of cannabis. I have had family who recently went through ovarian cancer. My mother who survived the ordeal, and my aunt who we lost to cancer. I know they were in states where it was legal, and it helped with pain. There are some studies to show cannabis has the ability to inhibit cancer growth. I think moving this medicine off the schedule 1 narcotics list would be the first step and leave it up to states to legalize it as they deem fit. But allow medical personal in the VA and other facilities to use this as a medicine to help with its many abilities. This list is huge on what cannabis helps from PTSD, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, to Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig disease. I think an option over opioids is a must.

Taxation is something we need to cap. Nothing is more unacceptable than a public official saying: "we failed to spend your money properly, so now we need to take more from you so we can fix our mistake". Taxation and budgeting are one in the same. We need to have a proper budget, and nothing gets spent if we don't have it on a line item. When a household is in debt, you cut spending or get a better paying job. Our government officials need a new job, send them back to the public sector, and allow others to properly make a budget. Not by taxing the people, but by working with what they have, and not gouging the hard-working American people. I have pledged not to vote for any raising or new leveed tax.

Even with us in Wyoming, and us being so far away from the border. I still get asked my take on illegal immigration and the wall. Here it is in a nutshell, "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION" is just that, illegal. If they are unable to respect our laws of due process of entering our country legally, than what is to lead us to think they will follow our other laws? As for the border wall, I know I can be quoted in saying "build it high, build it wide, and build it long". After some conservative thought and looking at cost of that idea, I have a cost saving plan in mind. A border security set up ran by drones and Border patrol agents, with triggering points of movement. Something more cost effective. The wall is already in progress, which I support. A physical barrier made up of drones and agents and sensors in open areas I think can work for now, while we put aside more funding for the wall.

Another thing I get asked on a regular basis is, if I would support term limits? ABSOLUTELY! Of course if we are unable to get the house or senate to support such restrictions and limits on themselves, we the people need to do the job for them! Vote out those that have been in office for over 12 years (2 senate terms 6 house of representatives' terms). I would support legislation that would force it if elected. Get rid of career politicians!

I would like to get into what makes me qualified to do this job for the people. Like I stated earlier I am not a career politician, nor do I want to be. I want to be a servant of the people. Only those who have talked to me in person can see my passion and my drive to help others. Since I have been out of the military, I have helped fellow veterans fight the VA to receive their benefits. There is no need to keep track of how many I have helped with their benefits, I merely help those needing the assistance. It is the only right thing to do. If you are broken down on the side of the road, I am someone that stops to make sure you are ok or if I can help in any way.

I am going to give up more of my back story in hopes you can see I am not your normal person running for office. On December 15, 1979 the world's food supply was in for a drastic drop and Joshua Wheeler was born. I was the second child to a single mother. My mother was told when she found out she was pregnant, that she should have an abortion. I am personally grateful she did not. I was raised in my younger years by my mother, grandmother, and grandfather. After I was about 8, some family issues came to light and I went into foster care. I bounced around the system for years. I joined the military out of high school and went to start my new life. Never allowing anything that happened previously in my life to affect my future.

I joined the Wyoming Army National Guard in 2005. I was driving 18-wheeler at this time. In Nov of 2006 I was activated to deploy to Iraq as a fill for the 2/300 FA. While in Iraq I injured my neck and back. After returning home I had surgery on my neck, but all was deemed ok with my back if I limited myself to certain things. I started Yosemite Investigations INC., and that stayed open until my second deployment. I blew out my back during training in Fort Hood Texas, 2 weeks before we were to ship to Iraq, this was devastating, I did not join to stay home as my fellow soldiers went to fight. I was told if I got fixed, I could come back and rejoin the unit. As soon as I landed in Wyoming, I began getting ready to be fixed. Unbeknownst to me at that time, this is what was the beginning of the end of my military career.

I got my first surgery on my back, and at that time my left leg went dead, and other things started to go wrong. 2 months later I was back under the knife. It was October 2009, and it was the last chance for Tricare to fix me. This failed as well. I then started going through the VA, and at that point the fun began. I was informed I could not work and that I would receive 100% disability through the VA. So, after an excruciating long wait, I lost my vehicles to nonpayment, than I lost my home to nonpayment as well. Here I am homeless and cold, while the VA tells me to go to Denver to see a doctor to get my back fixed. At this time, they payed cash for travel, so that helped me ask friends for rides. First trip down I was told the surgery would be in 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I went down to Denver and the operating room was over booked. Return in 3 weeks they tell me. I return in 3 weeks and the equipment was unavailable for the surgeries. Meanwhile I had lost everything and they said to be patient and that I just needed to wait. 2 more trips to Denver and this is only Jan of 2010, still unable to plan everything out, I was running out of options.

At this point I started getting in touch with my elected officials and Cinthia Lummis's office was closed every time I went to see her. So, I went to a senator's office where one of his staff started the wheels turning. In July of 2010, I got back pay of 1 month and I had enough to buy a vehicle, so I did. Then I started living in my car. I did not receive my surgery until 5 additional trips to Denver. Finally December 23 of 2010, I used hand crutches to enter the university of Colorado hospital, and on December 26th I walked out on my own ability. My fight with the VA was not over though. I continued to fight the VA over what care I could get as they kept adjusting my VA compensation from 30% to 100%, every 3 months it would change. I started working for a local company that did a great job of making sure I did not re injure myself, although the job was slightly physical, the owner took special interest to make sure I was not over worked. I saved up money and bought a home as I built myself up more, I opened Shadow Ops Laser Tag, first as a Mobil laser tag, then a stationary one in the mall here in Casper. This whole time the fight with the VA continued. At times the VA would cut my compensation to 0, for 5 months during this time I had another surgery on my neck and on my back. It broke the back of the company, so I had to close. I started to lose everything again, the house was going and my vehicle was getting repossessed. I readjusted, and at that time I started dating my now wife. I was so close to losing everything I thought she would leave, but she saw something of determination in me. I got us a small place and then we got married. We traded that small place for a somewhat bigger place when we had our son. And when we decided to grow our family even more, we just traded our medium home for a bigger place that we are buying now. I don't tell you all this to draw sympathy, I don't want, nor need It. I live comfortably with my family and could go the rest of my days living the life I have. If not for one HUGE thing, my fellow veterans are still getting neglected, and my fellow Americans are still getting mistreated by our public officials. I must stand up and do something, I must stand up and say something.

I must fight for the people. I don't see others willing to fight, most want to support special interest and play games. We as Americans need a fighter, and I won't let the American people down. I know I will put myself in harm's way to protect the people, it is who I am. It has always been my passion to help people, and pick them up when they falter.

I know this is a lot to take in and I thank you for being a part of our life. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I am as transparent as possible, and I will give all my ability to the people. It was a fellow Wyomingite that requested I get into more detail. I hope this proves even more so that I am here to fight for the people, and I am a man of my word.

Sincerely, Joshua Wheeler

Combat Veteran for the people.

You can Contribute through my website or in person at meet and greets. It is the Wyoming people I will fight for, and it is the Wyoming people who will get me elected. Thank you for your support.