Q & A

What are your viewpoints on abortion?

With abortion being such a complex topic, it becomes very hard to quantify my views into a few short sentences. However, I feel comfortable standing with Pro Life advocates.

How do you feel we should act regarding immigration?

I welcome those who come over legally, but feel the rights of our citizens should be protected through current and future immigration laws and policies.

What should be done concerning border control?

It is our duty to ensure United States Border Control Agents have the equipment needed to protect our country and strengthen our Coast Guard as seen fit.

What are your views on taxation?

Taxation without representation has become outdated. Equality has helped build the foundation of this great nation and I feel taxation should not be the exception.

How should gun control be handled?

I stand for the laws governed in The Constitution of United States of America. The 2nd amendment is our law and I feel strongly this should stay.

What are your views on social security?

Social Security is flawed and is something that will take the collaboration of many to correct. I firmly believe there are avenues for change.

How do you feel our nation's healthcare is performing?

There are many opportunities when it comes to our nation's healthcare. First, we must dissect pharmaceutical and insurance companies and ensure the best decisions are made for the people.

Should Medicaid be for all?

Medicaid was created to help provide healthcare for low-income individuals and families. This is a resource that should be used only for what it was intended for.

Do you feel as though budgets have been properly allocated?

We must ensure the money being budgeted is allocated to the proper area. Wasting funds has become rampant and our budgets need reassessed.