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My husband was in the military for 25 years and he recently passed away. I spoke to a friend about how overwhelmed I was with all of the paperwork for the army natl guard and not knowing if he would receive VA benefits or not, etc. She sent Josh a message and within 2 minutes of sending the message he was on the phone calling me and asking how he could help.

Josh gave me great comfort. He told me not to stress, he would look into it and give me direction on what needed to be done or handle as much as he could himself. He lifted a giant burden off me and my 12 year old daughter, giving us the opportunity to grieve instead of constant worry. Josh not only cares for our vets but for their widows and families. I can't begin to thank him enough for his kindness, understanding, patience, concern, and condolences. Thank you doesn't seem like enough for all you are doing for us but thank you Josh!!!!

Shannon P.

A big shout out to Joshua Wheeler (who is running for US Senator). Last night I contacted him asking if he could help a friend of mine, who is the widow of a veteran. Within a minute of me sending him the phone number he was calling her. He also is trying his best to help her with navigating the stuff that has overwhelmed her about dealing with the death of her husband. So, I already was going to vote for him. This just proves how much he cares about veterans and their families.

Nancy H.

Thank you for what you are doing for we Veterans who desperately need a voice.
I share your frustration with the mind numbingly protracted outgoing message the VA feels someone who is contemplating "ending it all" will be able to follow and execute all the needed steps to find help. If it took that long to solicit help for an accident victim most would die.

We all look forward to your successful campaign and eventual support.
Fare well Brother.

Friedrich V.

It is finally great to see that a political candidate is concerned about Veterans. I am a Veteran USMC retired. I have so many problems with our Sheridan VAMC. I have contacted my current Senator with no response. I am refused care Wait Times go beyond 90 days. I live in Alpine. There has become no accountability with our VA system. I am a moderator of several VA Is Lying and other such sites. I have talked with so many Veterans with the red tape that most Veterans have to go through and I consider myself. Then people question why 22 a day.

I am covered 100% by VA yet have to pay with my own money to get care. When there is and was Veterans Choice and now the Mission Act. It all boils down again to VA approval. I am very sick and cannot get help. If you really want to know what Veterans go threw there are many sites like I belong to and moderator of. Join them or as a politician we see and I'm very sorry and not being disrespectful of you sir a platform to run on with no results. Fell free to PM me. Thank you for your time!

Nancy D.

It's time for us to weed out Career politicians and vote in men that have actually given something to this great country!

Mike W.

I first met Josh almost 14 years ago in Iraq. He came to our platoon later in the deployment. Although older than most of his leaders, Josh had the utmost respect to his seniors. Josh was a private at the time so naturally would get selected for details if they came up, he never complained, he just completed whatever tasks were set before him. No matter what the mission, he completed it. And that is why I know he is the best candidate for the job.
Aside from being deployed and a senior enlisted to him, Josh and I became friends. Knowing Josh on a personal level, I know he is passionate for our state and country, and more importantly; our people. Josh is one of the kindest guys I know and would give his shirt to a stranger in need. He is not running to become a politician, he's running to serve our communities.

Josh B.