A Wyoming combat veteran fighting for the people!

No matter how many times I say this phrase, it cannot ring truer than the day I decided to stand up and run for U.S. Senate. I am a conservative Wyoming Republican, who's tired of career politicians. If you are like me, and tired of seeing career politicians continue to put us in debt, and ignore our veterans; if you are tired of seeing these career politicians go to Washington and not fight for the people of Wyoming and the silent majority's values... Then let me introduce myself;

My name is Josh Wheeler. I am running for the United States Senate for you, the people, and I don't just mean that as a catch phrase. I want to fight on behalf of my fellow veterans, against the VA and reduce its costly bureaucracy. I'd like to serve upon the Committee on the Budget and fight for a better outcome. I plan to address our national debt and unfunded liabilities, work on paying down our debt, and secure America's future responsibilities.

I am Pro-Second Amendment and will fight vehemently to defend it. I believe that gun control should not affect the law-abiding citizen. I am, and always have been uncompromising when it comes to the Second Amendment. We need to roll back unconstitutional gun laws that circumvent the Constitution.

I would like to see our borders secure and our illegal immigration problem become manageable and enforced. It is not fair to those who come to this country legally to have to sit in line and wait while we take care of the people who came illegally. I strongly believe that we need to start taking care of our wonderful Wyoming and American people before we commit our resources elsewhere all the while maintaining a powerful national defense.

To me, it seems like common sense that until we can take care of everything within the United States money leaving our country other than paying debts is not a smart move. We are in all seriousness, in one hell of a financial mess; if I could be so frank.

I'm tired of the establishment politicians who say one thing and then do another.

I represent the Wyoming Republican Party with honor, integrity, and pride. I promise I will never vote in favor of increasing taxes. I have written pledges stating this is so. I am not a career politician; I am a citizen; I am here to obey the will of the people. Please call me and ask any questions you have. Let's help make America great again and let's not put another swamp rat back into the swamp.